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our process

We design creative solutions to interesting problems. We’ve been doing it for 20 years. Since before Google was an idea in a garage, and Twitter was a thing only birds did. Northern Comfort is what happens when experts work together to solve a problem.

We believe in finding the answers to the problems you have; not in selling you something you don’t need or doesn’t work. You don’t just need a website, or a rebrand, or design - you need the results this work brings. We have a unique and specific way to make sure this happens. We’ve done it for multi-million pound companies and small start-ups. It works.

Every project begins with an in-depth interview

We find out all about you, your business, your brand - why you do what you do and who you do it for. This means we can make sure that the work you’re paying for is the work you need doing. Nothing more or less.

We research

We look into your competitors and the marketplace - everyone does that. But we also look cross-sector, historically, laterally. Most problems have been solved already. We want to see how others have solved these problems, wherever these answers may lie.

We analyse the data you have

Or find and collect data if you don’t any. You need to know your customers’ behaviour before you can influence it. From this we can define what needs to happen, and how to make it happen.

We assemble a team of experts

We have in-house designers and coders who will be dedicated to your project. We also collaborate with consultants who are the best in their field. Our UX consultant has a Master’s degree in Human-Centred Design. Our Google Analytics expert helped to build Google Analytics. You don’t get a designer building UX, or an account manager writing copy.

Each team is built bespoke to your problem. A lean, expert team giving you the best advantages of a large agency, but without the overheads of full-time experts on payroll.

Once the project is complete we stay with you

We build relationships with our clients, working alongside them long-term to help them achieve their goals.

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