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UNCLE Living -

July 2019


Elephant and Castle building full ahead of schedule

Website, Branding, print, OOH advertising all delivered.

Retained work on increasing conversion rates showing month-on-month increases

"Data, experiences and conversion rates have been steadily improving each month"


UNCLE are a multi-million pound residential rental company with buildings in London and Manchester. In a shift from the standard model, the company own, staff and manage their entire buildings, enabling them to help and support their residents directly.

UNCLE came to us on the buildup to launching a new property in Elephant and Castle in late 2017, wanting to bring in reliable data, analytics and a website that could support them in dealing directly with their tenants. They needed a new site, marketing materials, branding, copywriting, illustration and photography.

The existing website was split across different platforms, the messaging wasn’t clear, the brand undifferentiated and didn’t reflect the quality of the experience and the booking process was indirect.

We spent a lot of time researching how others have solved the ‘online property’ problem; one approach was to research high-end, boutique hotels to see how they sold suites and rooms online; using these findings to help define our own approach.

We ‘mystery shopped’ apartment viewing in Manchester and London, interviewed their customer-facing staff and spent time with their operations department to understand their current internal processes.

Within four months we redesigned the site, restructured the content flow and UX and rewrote the content. Previously split across systems, the site now sat on one single platform, meaning that data was more easily accrued into something meaningful.

We built a bespoke booking plugin to allow customers to pick a time, a date, and book their viewing directly with the building rather than through an agency.

As far as we’re aware this is unique to UNCLE, most properties ask you to email in to find a time to book, causing delays in the conversion and a reliance on a third party. With our system the user can directly pick a date that suits them in the building’s calendar.

Within this body of work we also generated some OOH advertising and collateral, giving us a chance to flex our print and graphic design muscles, but more importantly beginning to present a single, consistent view of UNCLE.

To help achieve this, in early 2019 we conducted a brand refresh, bringing external and internal work in line under one brand identity.

Most recently (August 2019) we’ve rebuilt the website again, this time allowing for three extra buildings to come online, and a restructure of the pages to bring in yet more data, and allow for more specific customer targeting.

The Elephant and Castle building filled ahead of schedule, and now three more buildings will launch in the next twelve months.

The new 2018 site was instrumental in allowing UNCLE to grow their base in a way which will give them an end-to-end view of the customer, where they come from and what their lifetime value is.

Branding has been modernised and made consistent.

The new 2019 site allows for greater data, measurement and testing across A/B and Multivariate testing, has new photography and meets the refreshed brand identity

To help UNCLE have confidence their site is performing as well as it can do, we continue to work on a weekly basis with them. Recent experiments have again built variants on pages, the most recent contributing a 33% increase in bookings in an A/B test.

Northern Comfort have been instrumental in enabling UNCLE to move to a more agile way of developing our brand and proposition.



To support the launch of their new 48 Storey building in Elephant & Castle UNCLE needed to create an above the line campaign to let people know what was going on.

Using the London Underground as a captive audience both 48 sheet and Elevator sites were selected.

From the concepts that were presented the one that resenated most was an approach that looked at a classic advertising style most successfully executed in the 70’s by VW.

Focusing on a simple and stylised aesthetic of the building elevation, a benefits and features lead campaign was developed.

Copy lines were developed to focus attention on the things that make UNCLE different to other landlords.

The approach for the 48 SheetBillboard was to exploit the fact that people on the platform were a captive audience, so usual dwell time rules could be worked around.

This longhand copy advert looks to open a dialogue with them that recogises the world as a little topsy turvy at the moment but UNCLE is there to have your back.

The series of 10 elevator adverts were adapted to be appropriate for the situation.

With less time and space for these adverts to connect with people they were broken up into a series of single message posters.

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