Love Struck

200% increase in conversions

website optimisation for challenger brand Love Struck Smoothies.

Love Struck were successfully trading smoothies and milkshakes to cafes and restaurants until the pandemic hit the UK in March 2020. With all of their stockists closed to the public, they switched to a D2C approach.

We began working with them in March 2021 to help make their website work better for them. Firstly, we made a simple switch: put their best selling product at the top of the product list page. This change alone lead to a 37% increase in revenue.

Our client's previous bundle page we redesigned and built to increase conversions
Our client's previous bundle page we redesigned and built to increase conversions

Our next target was the build your own bundle page itself. The original design, above, was a UX nightmare. Customers repeatedly clicked “Add to basket” at the top of the page, and were taken to the basket page, with a bundle added, but 0 items within that bundle. This product was the best selling product on the site, yet customers were consistently getting confused with it. On top of this, people using the site found it really difficult to keep track of how many items they had added to their bundle, and were regularly scrolling up and down the page to check their progress.

CRO client new product card design
CRO project - progress indicator

We redesigned the page from a customers perspective. Giving constant feedback and indication of their progress was key. The new progress indicator sits at the side of the screen on desktop browsers, giving customers a permanent reference point. The product cards were also redesigned to better explain their price points, allow for really intuitive adding and removing of products, and to quickly explain unique selling points (i.e. vegan, gluten free, Great Taste Awards).

our new CRO site for Smoothie brand Love Struck
CRO project for challenger brand - the build your own bundle page
increased conversions of 200% with design changes and build for Love Struck

The new Build Your Own Bundle page works seamlessly across all devices, and the much improved user experience has resulted in a 200% increase in conversions. We’re continuing to work with Love Struck to develop further improvements to the rest of the site.

mobile CRO for our challenger brand client
ipad / tablet CRO project design and build

“Working with Rob and his team feels like a true partnership. They will push back if necessary to ensure a design that is results focussed — proof being that the first set of improvements on our website resulted in a 3x conversion increase. We are so pleased that we are extending the scope of the work and adding in longer term projects.”

Richard Canterbury
Founder, Lovestruck

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