The collaborative creative agency.

This is where we tell you how we’re not like other agencies. We’re different.

Except in a lot of ways, we’re not. Like a lot of agencies, we build websites. They’re beautiful, user-centric and they work. We create and refine brands.

In fact, there’s not much you can throw at us in the way of creative work that will stump us. So why Northern Comfort and not one of the thousands of other agencies out there?

Northern Comfort - A Collaborative Creative Agency

How we work

It’s not just what we do that keeps our clients coming back to us. It’s how we work. It’s the problem-solving mentality. The fact that we’ll take simple solutions where we can find them, and create them when we can’t.

The emphasis we place on understanding the fundamentals of your business, building a solid foundation for future growth.

It’s a ground-up approach, and it works.

Design Sprints

It’s not appropriate in all cases. But if you have a problem you need to solve in a short amount of time, it can be perfect. We’ve done it and it works. More details on that here.

Everything starts with a conversation.

There’s something about talking that has a way of uncovering what’s really going on. The kind of stuff you wouldn’t think to include in an email.

That’s why we begin every project with an in-depth interview.

We find out about you, your business, your brand. Your customers, your competitors, your industry.

It’s about building a complete picture, so we can give you the right solution (and not the solution you think you need).

The smallest clue can be the most important.

Then we assemble a team of experts, both in-house and consultants, so you get the right team for the job. A leaner, expert team, but with lower costs.

We work to the outcome, not the output, iterating quickly to get the right results.


Who we work with

UNCLE Property / Habito / NHS / Heathrow Airport / Wickes / Biffa / Beefeater Gin / 
Sailor Jerry / Ecocleen / L&Q PricedIn / Luke Jermay /

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