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35xyear-on-year growth

“We want to continually improve and test the site once live, making considered changes that support and improve our bottom line. Northern Comfort are proven experts at doing this, and we’re delighted to be working with them.”

john rushton

ceo, vegums

200%increase in conversions

“Working with Rob and his team feels like a true partnership. They will push back if necessary to ensure a design that is results focussed — proof being that the first set of improvements on our website resulted in a 3x conversion increase. We are so pleased that we are extending the scope of the work and adding in longer term projects.”

richard canterbury

founder, lovestruck

100%increase in conversions

“We get approached by 100s of agencies each year who talk a big game but ultimately fail to deliver so when Rob got in touch I was naturally sceptical. With 12+ years of digital marketing experience, I thought I had websites down to a T but boy was I wrong. From the outset, Northern Comfort’s proactive attitude and insight stood them out from the pack straight away. But ultimately, what matters is results. Our conversion rates have doubled on their pilot page (and continue to climb) which we were truly gobsmacked at. We have already briefed them to review the rest of our site and I am hugely excited about our future partnership (as is our bank manager)!”

Charlie Wilson-Vaughan

co-founder, Exalt

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