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If this is you:

  • The founder of a D2C Food and Drink brand
  • In the first few years of its life
  • With conversion rates of around 1-3%.

Then this work-book is for you.

It will show you, step by step, how to increase your conversion rate by 30, 40, maybe even 50% without needing an agency or a designer.

(Or your money back.)

“This book is aimed at the emerging food entrepreneur who is spinning a lot of plates and just wants a simple, tried and tested roadmap to increasing sales on their website. And it really does hit the spot and then some. It’s clearly written and littered with examples showing the benefits of the changes you can make to your website to convert more customers. It is well worth the investment.”

  • jason gibb

    founder, bread & jam


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Who am I, who are Northern Comfort, and why can we help you?

I’ve been building websites for over 20 years. I set up Northern Comfort ten years ago, and in that time we’ve worked for huge companies like Anglo American, Barclays and AstraZeneca, and built e-commerce sites with hundreds of purchases per hour.

A large part of our work now is focusing on D2C companies in the food and beverage sector, helping them to sell more products online with conversion rate optimisation.

In 2021 we increased conversion rates for food and drink D2C clients, like you, from 53-100%. One client we worked with for a year was turning over 35x what they were are the start of that year.

This workbook shows you how we do it.

How much can my conversion rate increase?

Conservatively, 20-30%. That’s 30% more income, each month. This seems a lot, so let’s make it feel more achievable.

First, let’s make it clear what we’re talking about. If your conversion rate is currently 2%, a 25% increase will make it 2.5%. So if you were previously getting 4 out of every 200 visitors to buy, you’ll now get 5 out of every 200.

Which doesn’t sound too impossible. It’s like running a market stall where you have 200 customers visit each day and you set yourself the target of getting just one more customer to buy.

And you don’t just have one
lever to pull to make that
happen, you have many.

We’re not aiming to find one single thing which will increase your sales by 25%. Rather, it’s a combination of many different small changes which have a cumulative impact, bit like compound interest.

Let’s say there are ten steps from a customer landing on your homepage to making a purchase. That’s ten things a customer has to understand and act on in order for you to get your ‘order received’ email. These could be:

  • 1
    Reading the homepage message and heading
  • 2
    Understanding the homepage image
  • 3
    Finding and clicking on the homepage call to action
  • 4
    The product images on the shop page
  • 5
    The product descriptions on the shop page
  • 6
    The product detail on the product page
  • 7
    The description on the product page
  • 8
    The images on the product page
  • 9
    The ‘add to cart’ button
  • 10
    The checkout process (in itself this has many steps, and, if optimised, could improve conversion by 20%)

If we can optimise each of these steps by just 1.8%, then over the course of all ten steps in sequence your website will convert 30% higher.

Just by making each of those ten points 2% better, you’ll make 43% more money this year.

That’s not to say that big changes can’t happen. On our advice, one of our D2C clients made a small change to their website. They changed nothing else and it took them five minutes. Their income that month increased by 32%.

In Chapter two, you’ll learn what that change was and how to apply it to your site.

How will this workbook help me?

Across five main sections this workbook breaks down your website into its component parts, and then shows you how to make each bit work a little better.

I’ve limited the advice to just the points which:

  • Are the most important
  • Don’t require coding.

You won’t find advice here about how to speed up your website by combining CSS and JS; or how to recode your ‘build a box’ solution for best practice. It’s a practical, ‘how-to’ guide that gives you direct examples of how to think about your site from a customers point of view, real world ‘before and after’ examples of how to apply this thinking to your site.

By going through each section, you’ll know which changes to make and why you’re making them.

You’ll begin to think more like your customers, and to see things through their eyes. You’ll be empowered to brief your design and digital agencies to build your site to convert.

There’s no point spending money driving customers to a site which doesn’t convert as well as it could. Increasing your conversion rate also increases the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

It means that your income continues to grow through time as more of these customers become repeat customers, and then lifetime customers.

And importantly, it means you make much more money.

Our Guarantee

If you work through this book and apply the information to your site, and don’t get a conversion rate increase of at least 20%, email me for your money back.

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“Rob has a refreshingly clear, no nonsense style of writing. Highly recommended for any working in e-commerce who would like to make a series of marginal gains to their conversation rate, in order to make a real difference to their bottom line”.

  • Ben Popple

    Mr Popples Chocolate

“A wealth of advice shared in an easily accessible format. Real life examples help translate the theory into something relatable and therefore goals and objectives that are tangible and most of all ACHIEVABLE. “

  • Kathryn Bumby

    The Yorkshire Pasta Company

“I really enjoyed it and I liked the real, tangible examples which I could use for my website. It was very clear and concise which is unlike any other book on optimisation”

  • tas jennings

    Very Craft Tea

Frequently Asked Questions

I own a different kind of D2C company — can I still benefit from this book?

Absolutely. The examples in this book are directly relevant to F&B companies, but the principles behind those examples are relevant to everyone selling online.

I already have an agency who builds my site. Does this book apply to me?

“I feel empowered to make changes to my site. My agency isn’t going to know what hit them!” Kay Fox, This book teaches you the principles behind a achieving a higher conversion rate. This knowledge will empower you to make better use of your agency’s time, to understand whether what they’re proposing is good or bad, and how to tell them what to do.

Why is it so expensive?

If your site is making £2k a month, even a modest 20% conversion rate increase is £4.8k in a year. This book tells you how to do that, and the cost of the equivalent work from a CRO agency—like us—would be much higher. We’re so confident that you’ll make more money with the book that if you don’t, or if you’re unhappy with it for any reason, you can return it to us for a full refund.

Do you offer a guarantee?

Yup. We’re so confident that you’ll make more money with the book that if you don’t, or if you’re unhappy with it for any reason, you can return it to us for a full refund.

When will I receive everything?

eBook: You will receive a link to download the eBook as soon as your payment has been processed (on the checkout page and in an email receipt).

Manual: Your manual will be shipped within 1-3 days of being placed (business days). Shipping times: 5-6 days in the UK; 2-4 weeks for international shipments. You will receive an email with the tracking number when the manual ships.

Consultancy Call: Rob will be in touch to arrange a time to suit you and fit around your schedule. This can be before you read the book, during or after.