30x increase in sales year on year
18% increase in subscriptions, followed by a further 17% increase

Startup Vegums offer a unique multivitamin subscription service. Their products are 100% vegan, their packaging is entirely compostable or recyclable, and the multi-vitamins are specifically developed to support plant
based diets.

The new Vegums website needed to succinctly explain their eco-friendly credentials, vegan product and subscription service. We decided that the individual product pages should deal with explaining the products, Vegums’ eco-friendly credentials and how the subscription service works. This was a lot of content to house on one page, but our research showed us that this wouldn’t put website visitors off, as long as the content was relevant to them.

The product page was punctuated at various points with calls to action. Offering a clear comparison between purchase options, people can immediately glean the benefits of subscribing over a one-time only purchase. 

A bespoke cart system was also developed. Once an item is added to the cart, people can browse and add other products, edit the cart and go to checkout without needing to leave the page they are on. This bespoke cart provides an easy and effective way for Vegums to cross-sell products and display promotions too.

We continue to work with Vegums, optimising and A/B testing to increase conversions.

“We want to continually improve and test the site once live, making considered changes that support and improve our bottom line. Northern Comfort are proven experts at doing this, and we’re delighted to be working with them.”

John rushton, ceo, vegums

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