Podcast Notes

100% increase in monthly signups post launch

Podcast Notes painstakingly transcribe and summarise the world’s best podcasts, recording brilliant ideas and the best recommendations to help everyone improve and learn. They came to us needing a website that presented a huge range of content, allowed various ways to navigate this content, and better explained the benefits of Premium Subscription.

Getting the navigation right was key. From research we know that people are less likely to browse content hidden behind a burger menu, so we wanted to keep categories, topics and all search functions visible at the top of the page. 

On mobile, people are much more likely to browse content menus. The navigation is based around two main ways to search: casual browsing for new or infrequent visitors, and; intentful searching for regular visitors.

A flexible card system was used for the homepage and search pages, with a tab introduced to signpost Premium content. These were also configured to incorporate various ad sizes from Ezoic and Google Ads.

A major consideration of the site redesign was how we signposted paid for, ‘Premium’ content. We introduced a contrasting and complimentary Premium Blue colour and tab system to highlight paid for content. On any given page, desktop or mobile, visitors can get to the Premium sign up page in just one click.

“Northern Comfort were a dream to work with, and we saw immediate results in customer conversions, sign-ups, and site engagement. At the outset, they started by diagnosing the current user flow and behaviour using sophisticated tracking tools. They worked with us to understand our business goals and created a comprehensive, design-led solution to meet those goals and address the current user dynamics. The site looks amazing and we will definitely be partnering with Northern Comfort for any future projects. We recommend them without exception.”

Yoni falkson, founder, Podcast notes

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