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WeMakeAudio is the studio of audio engineer Jamie Finlay. They produce game audio, original music compositions, VR experiences and art installations for the likes of Google, Marvel, Disney, LucasFilm, CocaCola and PlayStation.

WeMakeAudio came to us via recommendation requesting a website rebrand. They wanted to build refresh and reposition their identity to reflect their ambitions, growth and offering.

WeMakeAudio don’t simply record and deliver audio. Their passion and expertise helps shape entire projects, while their innovative approach delivers endless possibilities for their clients. Communicating Jamie’s specific experiences — while not pigeon-holing the studio’s offering — was a key consideration for the new identity.

A new wordmark frames “We make audio” as an open-ended prefix for all the many ways they deliver audio work, allowing it to be applied in endless and unlimited forms. 

Clean and welcoming, the wordmark references the golden age of audio technology, as well as audio engineering pioneer and innovator Robert Moog. Supporting typeface Karla was chosen for specific consistencies with both the wordmark typeface and the kind of sans-serifs seen on synthesiser interfaces, while crucially retaining warmth, character and clarity.

The idea of ‘endless opportunities’ and the studio’s playful and passionate approach are also reflected with a wide choice of colours and evocative imagery.

Competitors within the audio industry typically have page after page of case studies with little consideration of what they want users to do, and little to no copy explaining their involvement in projects.

We wanted to create a clear user journey, delving into case studies in an interesting and playful way, with clear direction and calls to action. Fluid transitions, animations and interactions help to create an engaging experience
for visitors.

“Northern Comfort really understood what we wanted to achieve and how we wanted to engage with our clients. Not only did they supply excellent, carefully considered branding, but also stunning website design, beautiful business card prints and eye catching social media content. We are very happy with the design, branding and service they provided.”

Jamie Finlay, Founder, WeMakeAudio

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