Luke Jermay

100% sell out shows in the year after launch

Luke Jermay is a mind reader, mentalist and mystery entertainment consultant who has worked with Derren Brown, Dynamo and David Copperfield. He came to us in 2018 via recommendation, in need of a site which would promote his new show and convert his audience seamlessly to buy tickets. Following a nationwide theatre tour, he also came to us with a question: What if mind-reading and prediction had taken root in 1920s America, instead of jazz? What if telling fortunes were the order of the evening and daring people gathered in underground clubs not to dance, but to hear a man telling them things nobody could possibly know…

When we heard Luke’s idea for an intimate, immersive mind-reading show, we knew we had to create something special. Something with an unsettling energy; one that would give people just a hint of the feelings they’d experience during the show.

We started with what would become the heart of Luke’s visual brand identity: his logo. We opted for a simple, typographical approach, curving the text to the arc of a pendulum, and switching the M and E of Luke’s surname to create a subtle sense of discomfort. 

Photography was key to establishing Luke’s brand too. Our aim was to create a sense of mystery and wonder, and to reveal only enough to reassure potential customers that the show is about excitement and fun, rather than anything more sinister. 

We kept the website simple: a single page with subtle points of interest including animation. Built to load fast and drive users straight to a sale, the site also works to showcase Luke’s brand and establish a sense of anticipation through photography, and written and video content.

Luke now has an online presence that supports his unique approach to magical theatre. The site is easy to update with new content, hosts a simple-to-use booking form, and funnels visitors towards the point of sale, converting consistently at a rate of
around 10%.

The visual brand we created mirror’s Luke’s own inimitable style. This show is a thousand miles from the red velvet and rhinestones aesthetic that magic and mind-reading are known for. Instead, the monochrome palette with subtle touches of faded gold sits stylishly alongside ornate serif typography, reminiscent of those old-fashioned bars that inspired Luke’s original idea.

“I am so delighted with the experience that I am literally happy for you to say whatever you want”

Luke Jermay

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